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Kaira Wildflower

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Kaira Wildflower

Post by Kaira on Fri Jan 27, 2012 10:27 pm


Kaira Wildflower

Getting to know the person.

Name: Kaira Wildflower
Nickname(s): Lily
Age: 22
Grade: Pre Med
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Straight

What're you looking at?

Height: 5'6
Weight: 130
Physical Description:

Who am I?

General Personality Kaira is a nice outgoing person who has a philosophy to do a nice thing for someone everyday. She's generally well liked by both her friends and family and has very few enemies because they all are put off by her nice, forgiving behavior.
Likes: Books - Ever since she was little she used to be in the library reading books. That actually made her dream doable because being a med student you have to do a lot of reading and studying.
Dislikes: Perverts - She dislikes people who say perverted things and try to get in her pains shes a virgin and she thinks you should only have sex when your married.
Fears: The dead - She is deathly afraid of dead things which is why she wanted to become a doctor to try and prevent people from dying. Ever since she was little she's also been afraid of zombies... So this to her is like God's sick joke.

Now that packs a punch!

Weapon name: Police Baton
General description of weapon: Just a standard issue police baton
How was the weapon obtained: She picked if off of a dead police officer who had committed suicide upon seeing the world go to hell before his eyes. She initially didn't want to even touch him but she knew she would die if she didn't get a weapon so she took it from his carcass

How'd you get to this point in life?

Mother: Denise Wildflower
Father: Heiki Wildflower
Siblings: Carl Wildflower (diseased)
History Kaira was born into a happy family as the older of twins her younger brother Carl born just a few minutes after herself. She had a nice childhood and was relatively normal that is until her brother was hit by a car while crossing the street to get his soccer ball. She was there and witnessed the whole ordeal and blamed herself for many years as she was the one who had put to much strength into the kick and sent it, into the street. Because of that she developed necrophobia (fear of the dead) because she couldn't help but notice how lifeless her brother's eyes were. She decided that she would prevent people from dying by being a doctor and put all her effort into it and is currently a pre-medical student in college currently doing internships at the cities hospital.

Your super duper awesome stats!

Stats - 50
Strength: 4
Accuracy: 13
Stamina: 7
Speed: 8
Intelligence: 18


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Re: Kaira Wildflower

Post by Hatta on Sat Mar 31, 2012 11:44 pm


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