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Hikuro Yogo

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Hikuro Yogo

Post by Hikuro on Sun Jun 26, 2011 3:09 pm


Hikuro Yogo

Getting to know the person.

Name: Hikuro Yogo
Nickname(s): Kuro
Age: 17
Grade: Junior
Gender: M
Sexual Preference: Straight

What're you looking at?

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150
Physical Description: Hikuro is a tall guy and have a skinny body but he got some muscle since he like to do some sports. His skin is a little pale than a normal human. He have white hair and bright blue eyes. Hikuro have a tattoo under his left eye. He like to wear a hoddies or long sleeves shirts, some long or short jeans, a pair of sneakers, and his favorite headset.

Who am I?

General Personality Hikuro is like any normal boy in the world. He enjoy to listen and play music, especially punk,rock,alternative music. But sometimes he heard other type of music depends on his mood. Hikuro likes sports too. He very proud of his kendo skill that is grandfather thought to him. His a video game freak too, he really like FPS types of games. But he really hate if someone call him a nerd. Another thing that he hate is about his father because he lived his family when Hikuro was still a baby. His mother, big brother, and bis sister don't want to talk about him.
Music : He really to like to play his guitar from morning to night.
Kendo : Since he really good with that.
Games : Only FPS thought
Women : If a guy don't like women, that means is gay.
His father : Hikuro really hate him since he left his mother.
Spiders : He really hate that animal.

Now that packs a punch!

Weapon name: Bokken "Wooden sword"
General description of weapon: Tachi: Total length, approx. 102 cm; tsuka (handle) approx. 24 cm.
How was the weapon obtained: Hikuro was training in the kendo club room, and suddenly he heard a scream from outside. He looked out from the window and saw something horrible. People eating other people, at first he got scared, but later he get courage to face them and looking for other that where still survive.

How'd you get to this point in life?

Mother: Maho Yogo
Father: Ryusuke Yogo (Hikuro hope that his father is dead)
Siblings: Taira Yogo, Koyuki Yogo
History Hikuro was the last son of Ryusuke Yogo and Maho Yogo. His father leave his when he still a baby. So his mother decide to go back leaving with Hikuro's grandfather. Hikuro's mother was helped raising him with his other two child,Hikuro's big brother and big sister. Hikuro is really proud of his family except his father.

Your super duper awesome stats!

Stats - 50
Strength: 13
Accuracy: 10
Stamina: 11
Speed: 9
Intelligence: 7


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Re: Hikuro Yogo

Post by Hatta on Sun Jun 26, 2011 3:25 pm


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