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Stat Explanation

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Stat Explanation

Post by Hatta on Fri Feb 25, 2011 10:23 pm

Ok I've been getting some questions so i'm here to answer them.

About Points

You start with 50 and you will be able to to receive the max of 10 more points for your stats

As a human your stats are
Strength-How hard you hit, how much you can carry
Accuracy-How good you are with weapons, Special tricks
Stamina-How much of a hit you could take, how long you take to heal
Speed-How fast are you
Intelligence- How smart you are, invention capability

Ok now to spending points! I being merciful have given you 50 points to spend! But listen! 20 is the limit a stat can go! The reason i give you so little points is because No HUMAN character should hit your limit, if you do your other stats must suffer for it.

Ex of good stat distribution:
Stats - 50
Strength: 11
Accuracy: 8
Stamina: 12
Speed: 10
Intelligence: 11

Ex of a bad one:

Stats - 50
Strength: 20
Accuracy: 3
Stamina: 20
Speed: 2
Intelligence: 5

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Re: Stat Explanation

Post by Hatta on Sat Jun 25, 2011 11:14 pm

More in Depth Now

1-5 Hold Light to small weapons - Such as Knives and pistols Or bats, Can Hold One Weapon
6-10 Hold Medium Weapons - Such as Submachines and Metal items, Can Hold 2 Weapons
11-15 Hold heavy-med weapons -Such as Assualt Rifles and Chainsaws, 2 weapons and another item (Run through with Admin)
16-20 Hold Heavy weapons - RPGs and Miniguns, 3 weapons or 2 weapons and 2 other items

The higher the number, the higher chance you have of hitting your mark.

1-5 Run a full post but must rest the next. Takes 20 post to heal to heal.
6-10 Run 2 post buy must rest the next. Takes about 15 post to heal.
11-15 Run 3 post but must rest the next. Takes 10 post to heal.
16-20 Can Run 4 post but must rest the next. Takes 5 Post to heal.

higher the number, faster you are.

1-5 General knowledge. can customize melee weapons
6-10 Basic knowledge. Can Hotwire cars
11-15 Advanced knowledge. Can Invent custom things
16-20 College knowledge. Can invent anything


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